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In a tiny house when you calculate functionality per square feet your bathroom will be a clear winner. It is imperative to design the bathroom very carefully to maximize the efficiency of space and utility while keeping an eye on the money as well. This article will lay down various the key components in a tiny house bathroom.

The Key Components of concern in a bathroom are:

  1. Size
  2. Floor
  3. Door
  4. Water Closet/toilet
  5. Shower
  6. Sink
  7. Ventilation
  8. Storage

The biggest mistake that people commit while designing or purchasing the tiny house is overlooking the size of it. Please Keep in mind, a bathroom needs to be at least 30 sq. Feet in size to comfortably sit one person inside it. Most often than not the bathroom looks cramped up and doesn’t even have sufficient space for a single person. In my design, I especially take care of the bathroom since it is the winner in the space utilization per square feet of your house.
I always provide sufficient space in a bathroom (not at the cost of other spaces in the home, but bathroom gets my special attention since I know what it feels like to be in a cramped up bathroom).

The floor of a tiny house bathroom is typically tiled and there isn’t any good alternative to it at the moment that is cheap & efficient at the same time. However, don’t just go for the regular tiles as they may add up in the weight of the structure which is a strict No. Instead, go for Vinyl tiles they are light in weight cost about the same.

The door can be made up of wood or aluminum or anything for that matter, what’s of concern is the size of the door. The size of the door should be at least 18” in width (not according to the code but anthropometry) to comfortably pass one person inside. Height of the door can vary according to the height of the ceiling however, minimum height should be kept at 6’. Usually to save some space, the opening space in general, a barn door /sliding door is used.

TL;DR Self composting toilet is the best but heavy on pocket This is the first and the foremost question that people have when thinking about the bathroom in a tiny house. I’ve not put this point as the first point in the article because I want you guys to chill down about living in a tiny house. Everything can be worked, everything has been worked up since people have already done it, there’s no need to be fussy about it. There are several types of toilets that you can have in your bathroom and I’ve dedicated one complete article just about this.

Shower can come in many shapes and sizes but the one that I place in my design is the triangle shaped corner shower. It can comfortably bath one person without feeling claustrophobic. It is as tall as 6’6” (though it comes in lower heights) and other dimensions are 34” x 32”. There’s one full article about showers in a tiny house. I’ve covered all the other types of showers in there. All my plans have a spacious shower, spacious enough for a 6’3″ adult

It is essential to have a sink in a tiny house bathroom even though you might have another one outside. Many people make this mistake of not having enough space to install a sink in the bathroom. A small sink (of satisfactory utility) comes in 14” x 18” dimensions. take care that when you buy a sink it shouldn’t be very heavy, always keep in mind about the weight of everything that you keep in your tiny house.
Coming to vanity, the standard sizes for vanity is about 24″ and some bathroom can even accommodate 36″ vanity. Well, my choice is always to go for 24″ since it is compact enough and provides the right amount of space needed to store all the bathroom essentials in a tiny house.

It is important to install some kind of ventilation in a tiny house, ventilation can be provided by an exhaust fan, a ventilator window or by an opening in the wall. It is best to go with an exhaust fan if you have sufficient electricity to take up its load (which isn’t much though).


The wall cabinets are the first thing that comes up when I think of storage in a tiny house bathroom. 2-3 wall cabinets of 12” x 24” over a sink and W/C are sufficient to put all your bathroom essentials. Also, 2-3 wall cabinets aren’t difficult to put up in the walls.

Maybe you can try this as well

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It may be the smallest but it is the first room in the house to be ALMOST complete! The two glass jars I picked up today from @homesense_ukie which are being used for storing cotton wool! I came across a gorgeous print from @thehouseoutfit that I want to frame and hang above the toilet and then this room will be 100% finished! So so happy with how the en suite is looking! I’d been thinking of storage options in here for ages and I think the ladder shelf keeps this room looking uncluttered and fresh but still stylish and contemporary! 🛁😍 . . . . . #bathroomdecor #bathroomdesign #ensuitedesign #ensuitebathroom #redrowludlow #cornerofmyhome #myhomevibe #interiordesign #interiordecor #newbuildhouse #redrowhomes #homedecor #homeinspo #bathroomgoals #bathroominspo #myhometrend #mystylishspace #newhouse #newhome #homeideas #storageideas #ensuitedecor #firsttimebuyer #decorcrushing #myhome #myhomestyle #newbuildhome #bathroomstorage #interiors #interiorstyling

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