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Building your own house from scratch can at times be very costly. Without sufficient funding, your project will stall even before you start. This can prove difficult to deal with especially when you cannot get more money. It is for this reason that most people are opting to join the tiny house movement. By joining this movement, you will get to enjoy the benefit of money saving on your build.. Furthermore, you can enjoy the benefits of downsizing your living space.

Unfortunately, you may find yourself spending more than you had budgeted. This is because most tiny homeowners do not know how to cut on costs during construction. With planning and some creative thinking, you can be economical while purchasing materials.

Do not skimp on the structure, safety, and comfort of your house. Instead have fun stretching your money to find neat materials. This action will add character and personality to your tiny home. To help you out, here are money saving tips for your build.

1. FIND CHEAP AND RECLAIMED MATERIALS Before starting the build project you should find cheap and reclaimed materials. This will mean stockpiling the materials for future use. Buying materials earlier can reduce the costs big time. All it takes is for you to look for the best deals available. No one will ridicule you for buying one material at a time. After all, it is you tiny home you want to build. The good things about making prior purchases is that you can sell the unused materials. Alternatively, you can donate them to charity.
Finding cheap and reclaimed materials may at times prove difficult. However, with the right information, you can get the best places. If you still find it hard, here are some of the places where you can find reclaimed materials.

2. SMALLER FLOORPLAN The floor plan of your build really matters a lot. Actually, it determines the type and size of tiny house you are going to build. If the floor plan is bigger, then the tiny house might end up being big. To save on costs, you should consider choosing a small plan. The smaller the plan, the more money you will save. You must however ensure the build will be able to meet all your needs.

3.SIMPLE DESIGN Every person knows their budget even before starting the construction. You are thus aware of the size and type of tiny house you can build. When running on a low budget, you can consider keeping the design as simple as possible. This will mean minimizing convertible furnishings, bump-outs or dormers. The more you minimize, the higher your savings.

4. USE CORRUGATED METAL ROOFING The quality of roofing material really matters a lot. Going with a weaker roof will mean regular renovations to restore its condition. This can prove costly since you must buy new roofing materials every now and then. In order to save money, you should consider using corrugated metal roofing. A good corrugated roofing material will last 5-10 years after which you can replace it. To save on costs, you should replace it with a standing seam or another corrugated metal roofing.

5. STEP WISE BUILDING Paying rent as you build your tiny home can prove costly. Opting to build the tiny home in phases can save you from monthly rent payments. This is because you will be living in your own home as the construction continues. You can thus put the monthly rent into better use rather than giving it out to a landlo. With this money saving tip, you are sure to avoid double bill payment.

6. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH It is with no doubt that different stores have different prices. Therefore, purchasing materials from the first store you come across may work against you. This is because they may be charging higher prices than the other stores available. You should carry out a detailed research before parting with your hard-earned money. To make sure you get the best deals, you will have to know the full cost of each item. You can then use this information to get the best deals in the market. Remember to select a store that guarantees money saving to every customer.

7. CUSTOM MADE TRAILER HELPS It is highly advisable that you get a custom-made trailer from the manufacturer if you are planning on saving money. Seeking the help of middlemen will only increase the cost incurred. Most middlemen will want to get something from the deal. They will, therefore, increase the prices based on the profit they wish to get. By working directly with the manufacturer, you will get the trailer at a cheaper price.

8. KEEP LOOKING FOR MATERIALS Last but not least is keeping a list of materials for your build. Having this list will make it easier for you to remember every piece of material you might need. Furthermore, it can make your purchasing decision simple and quick. However, you must remember to check things off the list once you find them if saving money is to prove easy.


Your friends can come in handy whenever you are constructing your own tiny house. Instead of buying construction tools, you can borrow them from your friends. Am pretty sure no friend will deny you the construction tool especially if you are close. Borrowing tools from your friends will reduce costs since you will not have to buy new ones. You must only buy a tool if none of your friends has it.

Apart from borrowing from friends, you can also make use of tool libraries. In these libraries, you will be given the chance to borrow a tool for a specified period of time. You can then return it to the tool library upon expiration of the time. Tool libraries are worth considering as they have most tools that you may need.

There are so many money saving tips for your build. Most of these tips are based on the decisions you have to make during the build. The more tips you use the more money you will save in the long run. However, you must only make use of a tip that works better for you. For instance, you should not buy custom windows and doors if they do not please you. Instead, you can opt for the expensive custom versions if you are fine with them. Whatever your decision, make sure you are cutting down on costs as much as possible. It is only through this action that you will meet the goal of tiny living.

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